Think Team founder Sarah Naidoo-Banks is a Business Psychologist, Coach and Mediator. Sarah aims to create safe and empowering spaces where people can reflect and learn so that they can be the best version of themselves. Her work is guided by the following principles:

  • We are always striving to the best we can be

  • Getting in touch with our authentic selves is the key to development

  • Deep learning can be guided by evidence-based research and then iteratively occurs through real-world practice and reflection

  • We are powerful when we use logic alongside instinct

  • Relationships are everything, especially the relationship with ourselves

Some of Sarah's core qualities are her energy, positivity and enthusiasm for coaching and learning, her dedication to her practice with commitment to making a tangible difference, her natural curiosity, authenticity and openness. Her greatest strength is her ability to provide psychologically safe spaces for individuals and teams to explore how to tap into their higher potential.

Sarah holds degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, an MSc in Business Psychology, and is registered as a Principal Practitioner with the Association of Business Psychology. She also has specialist training in Gestalt Coaching and is an accredited member of the Association for Coaching. She has experience working in a diverse range of industries including education, homelessness, telecommunications, footwear, design and engineering. She holds an Institute of Leadership Management Coaching Award and is an Accredited Mediator with UK Mediation. She is also trained in various personality questionnaire tools including DISC Team Insights and the 15FQ+.

"Sarah is a great people coach and trainer. She has great communication skills and ability to deliver relevant training to experienced and developing Leaders. Sarah makes the training relevant, entertaining, and focuses on the deliverables to make sure that each participant achieves their potential. I would highly recommend Sarah.”


Emmet O’Reilly, Senior Manager Accounting, Level 3 Telecommunications

"Inspiring, skilful, and personal are the words that come to mind when I think of Sarah. Sarah enabled me to achieve far more in our time together than I ever thought possible! Anyone considering working with a coach, would be lucky to have Sarah by their side.”


Emma Mason, Marketing Manager, Baxi Boilers

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"Sarah has a unique way to focus on the individual and the team needs whilst creating an inviting and trusting space. Her participants feel engaged and open. I always left an individual or team session with Sarah feeling inspired having grown a little and feeling energised by her own positive energy."


Kelly Lincoln, Procurement Director, Century Link

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Staying curious helps us to step back from the challenges of life and work, and stay interested in our progress as individuals. It creates a culture where stepping out of our comfort zone is seen as an opportunity for learning and growth.


Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions, broach hard truths and trust in our ability to navigate a complex and uncertain world. This takes courage but the ability to do this can yield amazing results.


We follow a strong code of conduct laid out by the Association of Business Psychology. This means that we are always honest, competent and reliable.


We want to provide solutions which have positive and lasting impact, not only for teams and team members, but which also reverberate out to benefit those in the whole organisation and beyond. 

OUR VAlues